All About OMR Scanner for OMR Sheet Scanning

Earlier, the OMR process was a lengthy one. The sheets were scanned and read by the OMR scanning machine, which was an expensive as well as bulky device. However, with the introduction of Addmen OMR software, the OMR scanning machine has become passé. You no longer have to use this device. Rather, you can use any regular image scanner for scanning the OMR sheets. This is because the processing of the OMR sheets, which include reading and evaluation, is done by the Addmen OMR software.

  • You are free to use a flatbed scanner or an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanner as per your requirements.
  • There is no need to integrate the OMR software with the OMR scanner. The scanning can be done on any PC even if it does not have the OMR software.

high speed OMR Scanner Software
ADF Image Scanner has pocket for Automatic Scanning.
OMR Scanner flatbed
Flatbed Image Scanner
also works but slow because it scans one by one.

Image Scanner Models that facilitate OMR Sheet Scanning in India

When it comes to choosing an image scanner for scanning the OMR sheets, you have the freedom of choosing from a wide variety of them. Here is a list that provides information most commonly used ADF scanners.

OMR Scanner Price in India

Starting Price: The cheapest ADF scanner is available at the price of Rs. 7000-8000. Such scanners can scan at least 10 pages in one minute. Moreover, these scanner machines are durable and can carry heavy workload, that too for a long time period.

Professional Range: If you have a heavy workload when it comes to scanning the OMR sheets, a professional ADF scanner is what you would need. These scanners have the ability to scan 20-30 sheets in one minute. The price of such scanners can be anywhere between Rs. 20,000 and 90,000.

OMR Software v/s OMR Scanning Machines

As said earlier, the OMR software is not dependent on the OMR scanning machine. Here we have explained the differences between OMR scanning machines and OMR software and why the latter option is best.

OMR Software

A simple image scanner can be used.

The cost of the scanner would depend on the type of scanner you choose to buy. The price can be anywhere between 5000 and 90,000.

As you are using a normal image scanner, you can use the regular printing paper for printing the OMR sheets.

OMR Scanner Machine

OMR machine with in-built scanner has to be used.

The OMR scanner machine is quite expensive and is available only in big cities. Finding replacement for spare parts is also difficult.

For accurate scanning and reading, you need to use special thick OMR sheets.

Manufacture /
(ADF Model)
Approx. Price (INR) Features
HP 4615 Officejet
12 10500/- Single side scan (30 pg ADF) Colour Inkjet Printer + Copy
HP Scanjet 3000 20 24000/- ADF Scanner
Fujitsu 6125LA 30 32000/- ADF Scanner
Fujitsu Fi6130 40 45000/- 100 Sheet ADF Scanner Pocket
HP Scanjet 7500 / 8750 40 50000/- 100 Sheet ADF Scanner Pocket
Available in DGS&D Rate Contract
Avision Av121 18 17000/- ADF Scanner
Canon Dr2010c 20 28000/- ADF Scanner
Kodak i 1210 30 28000/- ADF Scanner
Canon IR 3300,5000,6000
Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp or equivalent
50-60 Few Lacs Big Copier machines with network printer and ADF pocket used in offices. Can be used for scanning sheets larger than Legal size.

Several other models from Panasonic, Xerox, Epson are also available which can be used.

OMR Software v/s OMR Scanning Machines

Addmen OMR Software rids you of expensive OMR Sheet Scanning Machines

OMR Sheet Scanning - OMR Sheet Scanner Video

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OMR Solutions available in the market today :
Based on OMR Software
(New Process - Recommended)
Based on OMR Scanning Machine (Old and Expensive)
With OMR software solutions, you can do with a regular image scanner for scanning OMR Sheets. The actual data collection and processing is carried out using the OMR software. It won’t burn your pockets to get a mid-range flatbed or an ADF Image scanner, which you can obtain with ease. Previous solutions were restricted to just the high-speed OMR scanner machine with a built-in scanner, and they came integrated with a data processing software. But these solutions come with many limitations – their availability is limited to only metro cities, they are bulky, expensive and are with associated high maintenance costs. These are priced too high to afford for multi-deployment.