OMR Test Scanning Software Step 3: Read Scanned Sheets

The OMR answer sheet checking software has four steps, of which the most important is the third one which is read scanned sheets. This is because reading the OMR sheets is what the OMR software is known for. The OMR sheet scanner software is based on the new technology and is quite simple to use. Moreover, it is affordable too as it does not need expensive scanners as in the case of the old OMR technology.

Addmen's OMR software reads the scanned images of the OMR sheets. Hence, the first step is to scan the filled OMR sheets. This can be done by using a simple scanner, the one which is usually used for office purposes. The compatibility of the scanner and software is not required.

Once all the OMR sheets are scanned, go to the Read Sheet panel of the OMR test checking software module. Here, you have to browse and select the folder where there are OMR sheets to be scanned. Once this is done, the software reads and scans all the OMR sheet images or files in that folder. The data received through this process is stored in the OMR test checking scanner software module.

The OMR test scanner software reads the sheets speedily as well as accurately. It can read three OMR sheets in one second and can read thousands of sheets in an hour. It also performs accurate reading. In case if it finds any faulty bubble filling in the sheet, the software sends real time alerts or prompts. It also records the issues found in the OMR sheets.

The demo video provided for step 3 of the module will explain how to read the OMR sheets. It also shows the various reading mode options which can be used for different types of processing requirements.