Omr Test Software Question Paper Analysis Report

OMR test software questions paper analysis report

One of the features of the OMR software is the facility of generating test reports after reading and evaluating the OMR sheets. Different types of reports can be generated with the help of the OMR software. One of these reports is the OMR test software questions paper analysis report. This provides question by question analysis of the tests attempted by the student. It is a detailed report that analyses the performance of the student question-wise.


Features of the question paper analysis report

  • This report can be generated for each student and contains the name, roll number, rank, score, percentile as well as minimum, maximum and average score achieved by the student.
  • The report is available in tabular format where the questions are arranged according to difficult level (from the most difficult to the least difficult) according to section, subject or topic.
  • The table has columns that contain statistics of correct and incorrect answers of each question.
  • This is followed by the answer key which displays the right answer of every question.
  • Another column shows the answers given by the student for every question. This is followed by a column that shows whether the answers were right or wrong.
  • You will also find the marks provided for each question in this test result. In tests where negative marks are awarded to every wrong answer, there are two columns, one for positive marks and the other for negative mark
  • Below the table, a summary of the test report is presented. This includes strike rate, score rate, total positive marks and total negative marks.

The OMR test software questions paper analysis report is useful to gauge the performance of the students in detail.