OMR MCQ Test Software Reports & Export Videos

Demo Videos for OMR Answer Sheet Checking Software Results & Outputs

OMR Test Sheet Checking Software delivers numerous reports with various permutations & combinations. It is not possible to show all reports in demonstration videos. Following 3 videos, describe major types of outputs.

OMR MCQ Test Software

Question Paper Analysis Report

OMR Test Sheet Checker Software delivers various types of reports. This video shows a question paper analysis report which contains detailed response statistics of a each question in the test paper.

OMR MCQ Test Software

Graphical Progress Report

This video is about a colourful graphical report comparing the growth and performance of each individual candidate. This is a multiple page report for each candidate containing graphical representation of several parameters.

OMR MCQ Test Software

Outputs Exported to Excel

Videos of the test checking software exporting the output in various formats like Excel for further editting or integration of data into third party software.


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