OMR Answer Sheet Checking Software Step 2: Set Answer Key

The OMR answer sheet checker can be operated with four simple steps. This module of the OMR software is used for checking MCQ test based OMR sheets. The second step of this module is setting the answer key. This is an important step as the software compares the answers of the students to the answer key to check whether they are right or wrong.

There are three ways of setting the answer key in the OMR test checker software. They are:

  • Feed the answers in the space provided manually. In this case, it is important that the answers are in capital and hence remember to switch on the Caps Lock button.
  • The second method is of copy pasting the answers to the panel. You can copy the answers from an Excel sheet and paste them in the column provided for the answers. This can be done by placing the cursor on the grid header and pressing Ctrl+V.
  • Another way of doing this is by automatically importing the answers from a correctly filled OMR answer sheet.

Apart from setting the OMR test answer key, this is also the place where you decide the block type to be used on the OMR sheets. You can also decide the marking scheme for your answer sheet here.

The video provided here would show you how to enter the answer key and also how to set the marking scheme. Watch carefully and learn this important step of the answer sheet checker manual.